Our companies


OmniFAB provides contract manufacturing services for fabrication, welding and complex assemblies. 

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Westwood MFG

Prototype through production, Westwood Manufacturing companies specialize in precision machining, sheet metal assemblies, plastic thermoforming and kitted components for UAV, aerospace, defense, space, and marine industries.

  • AS9100 / ISO9001 Certified
  • ITAR Certified

Conrad Manufacturing

Computerized Forming Machines and CNC trimming make it possible to consistently produce a quality product. Conrad Mfg. is capable of forming both commodity materials and high-temperature engineering polymers using techniques from simple drape forming through high definition pressure forming with temperature controlled molds.


OmniFAB employs a talented team that focuses on reducing waste within the manufacturing process from Purchase Order to Shipment. Today, omniFAB employs approximately 10 team members and occupies a 9600 sq. ft. facility in Auburn, WA. 

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